Sandnes Garn Pattern Collection 2403

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Here comes the first DIY of 2024! In this collection you will find many good basics as per tradition but also more slightly special designs such as Fleur Sweater, Cardigan and Neck.

Crochet is becoming increasingly popular and many have wanted Sandnes Garn to include it in the collections. Fleur is easier to crochet than you think. The same square is crocheted many times and finally sewn together to form the garment. When you just get into it, you've crocheted a lot of squares in one night.

Hannah Neck is warm, good and quick to knit, it also adds a lot to an outfit. It can be knitted in three different yarn combinations.

The Must-Have beanie which is knitted with two threads of Double Sunday can also be knitted with two different colours for a mottled effect.

The Hilton Cardigan and North Sweater offer many opportunities for exciting colour combinations and also work very well in solid colours.

Wendy, Hilda and Spencer are lovely basics, each with their own characteristics. Sandnes Garn have many favourites and hope you will be inspired as they are

Please note that these patterns are sold as one collection, each presented as a separate booklet