Re:Designed Project 7

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Established in Denmark in 2003, Re:Designed is synonymous with quality leather handbags. Their passion for slow fashion drives them to create enduring designs in patinated leather. Each design is meticulously handmade in collaboration with skilled artisans at their Danish headquarters. Quality is at their core, evident in every collection featuring soft grained leather with a patinated finish that only grows more beautiful with time.

PROJECT 7 is the perfect needle case for organising your circular knitting needles. It features 6 pockets with snap closures to securely hold your circular needles. Behind these pockets, there are open compartments where you can store knitting patterns or similar items. An elastic band allows you to keep your measuring tape handy, and there are 6 holes in the leather to accommodate 3 needles. Finally, there's a zippered pocket where you can store your scissors and other loose knitting accessories. The entire needle case elegantly folds together and fastens with a snap, making it easy to carry your essential knitting tools.

PROJECT 7 is crafted from Re:Designed Urban quality, which is naturally coloured cow leather. Before the surface is finished, it is treated with dye to preserve the original pattern of the raw leather. The quality is defined by its natural and soft appearance and feel, with each case being unique with individual characteristics. After the case is dyed, a light wax is manually applied to the surface.

Dimensions: H:22cm x W:15.5cm x D:2cm