Knit or Dye Trying - Allie Pleiter

Knit or Dye Trying - Allie Pleiter

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Business is booming for Libby Beckett and her fabulous Maryland shop, aptly named Y.A.R.N., but when a town festival brings a fatality with it, Libby gets all tangled up in murder.

As fall comes to Collinstown, Mayor Gavin Maddock shows his serious "foodie" side by launching a vegan food festival to lure a new season of tourists. Libby, proud owner of Y.A.R.N, has planned a nontraditional fibers event to make the weekend about more than just food. Artisan fiber dyer Julie Wilson--known for her work with "alternative and animal free" fibers such as bamboo and hemp, as well as the more traditional cotton, linen, silk, and flax--seems like just the ticket to draw a crowd with a specialized workshop.

The festival begins, and it looks like Gavin has hit on another of his great ideas. Y.A.R.N. is doing a bustling business. Julie's dyeing seminar has caught a lot of media attention and sold out quickly. Their celebration comes to a halt the morning of Julie's workshop when Libby realizes the door to the event space is barred from the outside. Libby breaks in only to discover Julie's lifeless body on the warehouse floor. Someone shut down the ventilation system essential to the safety of Julie's dyeing processes, filling the space with toxic fumes. The sarcastic "Watch Julie Dye" seminar title now has a new and gruesome meaning and Libby has to catch a crafty killer.