Crochet Journey: A Global Crochet Adventure from The Guy With The Hook - Mark Roseboom

Crochet Journey: A Global Crochet Adventure from The Guy With The Hook - Mark Roseboom

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Crocheting and travelling... these two passions have been brought together by talented designer Mark Roseboom - aka The Guy with the Hook - in this exquisite crochet book. Mark has travelled extensively in the last ten years. He has seen and learned from the different cultures, religions and ways of life. Travelling made him the person he is today. And it's the same with crochet... When Mark picks up his crochet hook and starts designing, it's like stepping into another dimension.

In Crochet Journey, there are 12 patterns that are based on the remarkable journeys Mark has made. His goal was to visit some of the most interesting places in the world and soak in all the culture, lessons, experiences, and feelings they delivered. Each design in the book is inspired by a cherished memory and takes you on an adventure through the wonderful world of crochet. The patterns feature full written instructions in US crochet terms, charts, and Mark's tips for success. Beautifully presented with stunning photography and Mark's fascinating personal travel stories, this is a crochet experience like no other.

Projects include the Rivendell Shawl from New Zealand, the Santa Maria Maggiore Rug from Italy, the Kamakura Pin Cushion from Japan, the Nazar Mandala from Turkey, the Fading Light Scarf from Greenland, the Rituals Pouf from India, La Boca Shawl from Argentina and many more. Get carried away with this unique book and create beautiful crochet items that connect you with the wonder of the world.

AUTHOR: Mark Roseboom is a popular crochet designer and blogger known as The Guy with the Hook. He has been crocheting for over 10 years and sells his patterns via his own website and Ravelry. As well as crochet, he also loves to travel and brings those experiences into his designs. He lives in the Netherlands.