Crocheted Houseplants: Beautiful Flora to Make for your Home -Emma Varnam

Crocheted Houseplants: Beautiful Flora to Make for your Home -Emma Varnam

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Crocheted Houseplants features 25 stylish projects to revive your home or office decor and create a lush indoor garden.

Plants have the power to make any space feel more calm and peaceful. Now you can surround yourself in a green indoor oasis without ever having to remember about watering, repotting or feeding. Idea for aspirational gardeners who aren't keen on getting their hands dirty, these crocheted beauties will give you year-round horticultural satisfaction, without any of the hassle. You'll find popular crowd-pleasers, like yucca, spider and cheese plants along with the dramatic purple foliage of coleus, delicate blooms of the moth orchid and the menacing venus fly trap. Flip through the stylish gallery pages, pick your favourite plants and get started. Everything you'll need to know is included in the book, from tools and materials to explanations of the basic crochet stitches. You'll also find out how to pot up and display your fabulous, crocheted creations.

About the Author

Emma Varnam likes to make items that bring a smile. As well as writing a number of popular crochet books, all published by GMC Publications - Crocheted Succulents, Cute Crocheted Animals, Cute Crocheted Woodland Animals, Cute Crocheted Wild Animals, How to Crochet, Granny Squares Home and Granny Squares Weekend - she has had a number of successful collaborations with the celebrated knitwear designer Debbie Bliss. Emma regularly shares her design inspiration on her award-winning knitting and crochet blog. She lives in Greater Manchester, UK with her husband and young son.