Animal Friends of Pica Pau 3: Gather All 20 Quirky Amigurumi Characters - Yan Schenkel

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20 fabulous designs by best-selling author Yan Schenkel (Pica Pau)

Say hi to Pica Pau's sweetest friends Meet Roberto Dachshund, Alberto Seagull, Humboldt Penguin, Horacio Polar Bear, Amalia Giraffe and many more: everyone is a happy member of the bustling Pica Pau family. They're earnest, warmhearted and gentle, and as soon as you've opened the book, you'll feel right at home.

Toy maker, character designer and crochet knitter Yan Schenkel has collected the brightest amigurumi around her. In this book, she presents her expert knowledge of amigurumi crochet in 20 precious designs, and she also unveils the secrets to make her most beautiful creations.

  • 20 amazing patterns - Dare we say it? Pica Pau has outdone herself once again with these lovely designs. They are sure to charm friends, family and yourself.
  • Easy to understand - Patterns in this book are written for beginners and more advanced crocheters to understand. With step-by-step pictures you'll be started right away.
  • Best-selling author and rave reviews - With over 150,000 copies sold in this series, this book is sure to delight you.

All patterns contain detailed instructions and are accompanied by step-by-step pictures and explanations of all techniques used, so both beginners and advanced crocheters can easily get acquainted with her amigurumi besties.

Discover the phenomenon of Pica Pau and friends

About the Author

Yan Schenkel is an Argentinean crochet designer. She studied fine arts and industrial design before starting to professionally design crochet toys in 2009, when she founded Pica Pau, combining her drawing and crochet skills. Besides working on her toys and designs, she has collaborated with several illustrators, authors, and brands in Argentina and abroad. She's a regular contributor to crochet and craft publications such as Mollie Makes and Simply Crochet.

Yan is the author of El Mundo de Pica Pau (2016), Animal Friends of Pica Pau (2017), and Animal Friends of Pica Pau 2 (2020).