Mini Crochet Creatures: 30 Amigurumi Animals to Make - Lauren Bergstrom

Mini Crochet Creatures: 30 Amigurumi Animals to Make - Lauren Bergstrom

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The interest in Japanese amigurumi is explored in minature in this charming new title. Gorgeous and cute, these projects may be small but they are bursting with personality, making perfect gifts for friends and family. These tiny creatures can be used in a variety of imaginative ways - as key rings, jewelry accessories or just displayed as adorable trinkets in their own right.

All the basic crochet techniques you will need are clearly explained along with step-by-step illustrations making Mini Crochet Creatures perfect for beginners upwards. Anyone unsure about working in this scale can simply practice with larger hooks and thicker yarn - the patterns are exactly the same.

The animals are divided into six categories: farm, small, woodland, pet, sea and zoo so there is something for everyone from an elephant or a whale down to a squirrel, piglet, bunny and even a ladybird or butterfly!

About the Author

Lauren Bergstrom spends much of her time surrounded by piles of wool and small crocheted creatures. Although Lauren leanred to crochet over 20 years ago, her fascination was revived when she discovered the world of amigurumi. She quickly became captivated by all the cute little things that could be made, and all the diffferent types of yarn that could be used to make them. In 2011 Lauren created, an online store and blog offereng amigurumi toys, patterns and crochet tutorials. Lauren's little amigurumi animals have gained popularity after being featured in various magazines, art websites, and blogs.