Knitting - The Card Game

Knitting - The Card Game

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Even the most introverted knitters will admit need for social interaction every now and then. Now they can partake in their passion while sharing the fervour among friends. (And there’s no yarn involved to get tangled.) The Knitting Game contains 116 cards with beautiful photos of yarn from indie dyers, 40 cards with patterns by indie designers, cast-on cards, and community cards. The object of the game is to earn points by stashing the right yarn for a pattern, then cast-on, knit, and place your creation on your blocking mat. Gather secret points and play action cards that speed up or slow down your project. May the best knitter or newbie win. No real-life knitting experience required.

Suitable for ages 14+ years

2 - 4 players

Average game time: 45 minutes