Hoooked DIY Amigurumi Crochet Kit

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These Hoooked DIY crochet kits come with the Eco Barbante yarn, hook and instructions needed to create cute amigurumi toy. Just add stuffing

  • Rue the Reindeer
  • Laurie the Llama
  • Millie the Puppy
  • Mo the Elephant
  • Ziggy the Giraffe
  • Billie the Bear
  • Danny the Duck
  • Kirby the Cow
  • Nora the Unicorn

Eco Barbante yarn
Textile waste and residues are transformed into this 100% recycled and ecological premium cotton yarn. Craft and creativity are transformed into unique products with Hoooked Milano. This recycled cotton yarn is produced in a sustainable way, respecting nature. Hoooked Eco Barbante stands out for its quality, softness, beauty and versatility. The yarn consists of 85% recycled cotton and 15% other recycled fibers. This small economic size bobbin is ideal for adding colour accents to your creations.