Crochet Therapy: 20 Mindful, Relaxing and Energising Projects - Betsan Corkhill

Crochet Therapy: 20 Mindful, Relaxing and Energising Projects - Betsan Corkhill

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Crochet Therapy is a unique and accessible craft book designed to combine the art of crochet with practical mindfulness techniques to bring moments of calm to your everyday life. Improve your health and well being with the relaxing rhythmic movements of crochet and accompanying mindful exercises.

The rhythmic skills and colorful repeating patterns created by crochet help to both relax you and encourage greater focus on the present a vital element of mindfulness theory, which improves mental wellbeing.

Patterns include beautiful crocheted mandalas with zen-like circular designs as well as other simple motifs designed to help engage you in a series of meditative exercises. Alongside these patterns are further mindfulness activities, designed to compliment the therapeutic effect of crocheting and boost your health and well-being. With the help of this book, crocheting can become an effective tool to manage stress on a daily basis, whilst also allowing you to impress family and friends with your creations.

About the Author

BETSAN CORKHILL is a recognized world expert on the use of therapeutic craft for improving health, wellness, and managing illness. In 2005 she founded Stitchlinks, a non-profit global support network for those who enjoy the therapeutic benefits of crafts. Clinically trained in physiotherapy, Betsan has conducted extensive research into the benefits of hand crafts, working towards pioneering ways to help people address issues and improve their wellbeing through Therapeutic Knitting. Her first book, Knit for Health & Wellness: How to knit a flexible mind & more , has recently been published.