Wraps for Every Wear: 7 Knit Designs by Jeannine LaRoche

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This collection of seven sensational shawls, stoles, and ponchos offers a special accessory for every mood and occasion. Toss the stoles around your shoulders or just wear them tucked around your arms. The ponchos are versatile, too. You can align them parallel to your shoulders, or position them on point. So whether you're dressed in jeans and boots, skirt and heels, or pants and flats, you'll find the perfect wrap for every wear! Seven easy to intermediate knit designs by Jeannine La Roche for yarn weights from superfine to medium, plus bedspread weight cotton thread: Feather and Fan Stole, Open Work Cover-Up, Triangle Cover-Up, Zig Zag Stole, Leaf Shawl, Pyramid Shawl, and Threaded Cover-Up.